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Top Tips For Baking On A Budget

Weigh Your Ingredients!

Weighing your ingredients accurately and following a good recipe will make sure you don’t waste anything and that you make a perfect bake everytime.

There’s nothing worse than an uncooked cake that ends up in the bin as it didn’t rise properly because you didn’t put the right amount of baking powder in.

Get Creative With Items You Own

Don’t have a rolling pin? Use a bottle of wine instead! Don’t have a piping bag? Use a sandwich bag and cut a hole in the corner! Don’t have a whisk? Use two forks back to back!

You can see what we’re getting at here – you don’t have to buy fancy baking tools – you can use what you already have!

Buy Things In Bulk

If you’re an avid baker a find yourself reaching for the flour, sugar and eggs every weekend then you might be better to buy in bulk.

Buying some ingredients in bulk, especially the dry ones like flour, sugar and dried fruits etc, is a great way of saving money as they can be stored for months and months and cost next to nothing in the long run.

Check Your Cupboards Before Rushing To Buy Things

Planning on having a bakeathon this weekend? Make sure you check your cupboards before you start shopping!

It’s best to write down a list of everything that you already have in your cupboards – whether it’s half a bag of brown sugar or a pot of sugar strands – if you know what you’ve got inalready you can work your recipe around it and just shop for the little extras.

Your Freezer Is Your Friend

Your freezer really can come in handy when it comes to baking. If you’ve got any leftover cake that’s not been decorated or iced, or you’ve got some buttercream left in the bottom of your piping bag – freeze it!

This is a great way of making sure nothing gets chucked away and every last bit of your baking is used up – just remember to label what you freeze otherwise you might end up defrosting white sauce instead of vanilla buttercream!

Avoid Big Name Brands

Sometimes supermarket brands are best. They’re much cheaper than buying branded products like flour, sugar, self-raising etc and can save you pennies. Most supermarket brands are good quality too so you won’t be able to tell the difference in your bakes – just in your wallet!